They inspire me

08.11.13 • Manifesto Inspire Comente

These three have inspired me this week.


2 photos translate all that running meant for me.

article-2486211-192CAE3800000578-686_964x813Thank you!

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Saving maintaining a healthy lifestyle

07.11.13 • Manifesto Inspire Comente

Here would be lying saying I do not care for new sneakers, launches, gadgets, etc. I like a lot and I’m always watching everything.

However, I know that it is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle and consuming less.

It is not often that we can or that we are able to have it.  And how to do?

It’s very easy to create and use excuses to the lack of resources: ” if I had the money… ” If I could afford a gym or a personal.. . ” ” If I had that running shoe I would run better . ”

Although I’m a typical consumer , I live with people who live and practicing their favorite sport without any luxury and without worrying with things that I quoted above.


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The secret ? The motivation is not the materials or the status that these products provide , but is in his own accomplishment and exceeding targets.

The simple pleasure of going out running free and do a great workout, a good time or feel in contact with the environment is enough for its completion.

I wanted to write this post with tips on how to make your money go further. For example, choosing a cheaper gym with discounted annual plans, exploring parts department stores, outlets, buy shoes with discount previous editions, read reviews before you buy, get deals stores and stuff .

These are useful tips, everyone practicing right?

However, I also want you to understand that the healthy lifestyle is not in the products you own , in the clothes they wear or in the gym, okay? Is in your attitude.

Having a healthy attitude is free and everyone can have, You just need to find your motivation.

Missing the habits

06.11.13 • Training Comente

I’m nearing the end of my recovery period  (pray) and it’s the most long time without running since I started.

Have been a few months and I have to confess almost crazy. I’m getting control myself until the end of the holidays, but after I returned I’m getting in to the point of wanting to rebel against the term negotiated with my doctor for my back. (Here’s a picture Ju hysterical).


injuredrunner1I miss my habits of runners, even the hated of speed trainning on Thursdays’m missing.

I’m appreciating all my bad training and racing that I wanted to forget. After all, any bad run is better than no race at all, that’s right?

I Miss the early mornings, looking at the garmin and hating/loving the results, the wish of the finish line, to strategize the race, wondering “what am I doing here?”, the long runs and my companies.

The countdown to my return started. It’s almost there, just a little patience.

End of vacations

28.10.13 • Travel Comente

Good ride, but came to an end.

Now it is time to readjust to the routine.

I confess I came missing many things that are very easy to get used there, but to come home and relive memories of those left here is also very good.

I arrived as always complaining about the heat, but with a few more days I’m sure I will not remember the difference.

Week full of good things coming up.

Today is a beautiful day and I excited.

Chicago and Buenos Aires

09.10.13 • Race Comente

Traveling here and I in my first of many scales I see many runners as well. We get attracts right? Rsrrsrss

In this next weekend is happening two International Marathons favored by the Brazilians: Chicago Marathon and Buenos Aires.


Buenos Aires will start at 7:30 PM local time and 7:30 pm brasilian time, I found no link to the athletes tracking, but you can get more information here.

Chicago will start at 7:15 pm local time and 9:15 am brasilian time for wheelchair and then start elite and amateurs. To attend the event, as in previous years, the NBC Chicago will provide a link to the broadcast from 7:00 am (9:00 am in Brazil) See here.


In Chicago, you can track your favorite runners through social networks or even the site of the race. To follow the runner in the internet: link here and to register and receive information on social networks is this one. Cool huh?

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Almost ready

08.10.13 • Travel Comente

I was going to run, Chicago is this Sunday, but Igot injured and I’m not. So I decided to enjoy these days to wander around and catch up with my very loved people.

I do not know about you, but I suffer a lot to pack suitcase. Insecurity endless as to what to take and what to leave. Fear of exaggeration, fear of missing something. Suffering that is repeated in every trip that I do and this was no different. Aff.

Since Saturday I’m trying to leave the suitcase ready, but of course, there is always something left to the last minute.


And in despair of the last details that I write this post.

One thing is certain, I don’t  left out shoes and some clothes for gym, okay?

Follow! The next posts will come from afar.



08.10.13 • Products Comente

Puma has launched a new running application: PUMATRAC

From the day 02 October is  available on the App Store. I just heard the news and I’ve been running download to see how it is.



Unfortunately, you know: I’m injured, ando not tested yet, but I got there to know. I loved the interface and simplicity of use.


07.10.13 • Manifesto Inspire Comente

The other day I read this question: What would you do if you were not afraid?

I believe it is impossible to get rid of fears. Dream big scare, scare.

The problem is that sometimes we lose ourselves in fear and we give up dreaming and act. We let it dominate us and block our attitudes.


I love this quote: “Do one thing a day que scares you” . I rely on it to learn to control my fear, my shyness and even ashamed of some things and start to feel more free with my attitudes.

Do not be so afraid to make mistakes, or what people will think of you. It’s hard, but it’s freedom.



“The biggest mistake you can make is to be afraid to make one.”

Have a great week!

Nike on-line in Brazil

05.10.13 • Products Comente

Yay! It is with little jumping for joy as I heard that Nike is also now with online store in Brazil!


Who loved? o /

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Where? functional food and detox in Belo Horizonte

04.10.13 • Where? Comente

Yesterday was the day to meet B+Healthy store and tell most of it here debuting the new category of the blog “Where?” That will give tips on places and services that help us in the quest for a healthier life.


Heathy B + is a store that specializes in functional food and detox, bistro gluten free and lactose free. It was inaugurated on September 7, but only this week that I could just pass there to meet.


The store is beautiful and made ​​with love.


A wide variety of products and a own manufacturing line of natural juices.Verdíssimo, Vermellhísimo, Betox, Bronze Mix, Milk of Almonds and B + Active.

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